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True Colour

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A humble mission to create honest, natural, craft Tonic.

The Bermondsey Mixer Co story begins in London Gin bar, two1four. Nick Crispini, owner set to bring the widest array of Gins, from the worlds best distilleries to the capital. However, he and fellow Gin lover, Lawrence Mason found the diversity of the gins on offer was often being obscured by the overpowering taste of commercial tonic waters.

“[Bermondsey Tonic] tastes amazing and is miles better than the alternatives” 

The Guardian

The key difference with Bermondsey Tonic is that the Quinine used is extracted naturally from the South American Cinchona bark. In contrast, other tonic makers use a solvent extract: Quinine Hydrochloride. The bark is bleached, leaving the characteristic clear mixer people have become used to.

Raw, natural Quinine.
Not Quinine extract.

“A rather better G&T”

The Times

A tonic created.
not just for Gin.

Bermondsey Tonic has been designed to be lighter & crisper than commercial tonics, with none of that cloying bitterness. Whatever spirit you choose to mix it with becomes the star of the show - Tequilas, Vermouths, Rums, and of course Gins - the true flavour of the spirit will be allowed to shine. Less bitter & less sweet, with a lovely warming dryness.
Tonic’s True Colour.

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